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Tired of traditional upholstery?  Tired of too much decorative clutter?  Going for a more modern, clean, sleek look with rattan furniture and contemporary accessories by Palacek is a wonderful alternative to more customary furniture for your home. 

Cool Blues and Creams With Rattan….Very Chic!

Notice the clean, sleek lines;  the modern components that give each vignette interest.   Why not do the same in your home? Check out the fun colors they’ve used in their vignettes.  How fun are they?  Think outside the box…..don’t be afraid to incorporate these same colors in your own space.  Do you relax more in a cooler palette or a warmer palette? Blues, purples, terracotta’s……all great looks for a main living space.  Select the one that most fits your personality and go with it.   And don’t forget to have fun with accessories and lighting!  They are so important to a space — possessing the ability to alter the personality and character of the room.  It’s like the jewelry you add to complete that little black dress.  Is it big and chunky?  Dainty and understated?  The accessories and lighting you select will have the same impact on your home.  So be sure to keep that in mind and be very selective with each piece you incorporate into the space.  Palacek is great quality furniture and has some of the most interesting pieces I’ve seen.   I would highly recommend them to any of my clients seeking this look.  If you  are on a tight budget consider selecting a couple of quality pieces and filling in the rest of the space with less expensive pieces that afford you a similar look.   Stores like Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, and Marshalls are good places to look for fun, less expensive accessories.   Scroll down for more pictures. 

Like Fish??? How About Incorporating The Passion In A Sophisticated Way


Interesting, Unique, Fun Sitting Area


Warm Colors, Chic Atmosphere


Cool Table and Chandelier


Fun And Funky


Cool, Soothing Colors and Clean Lines Make For An Inviting Space


Cool, Clean Lines Create A Hip Inviting Space


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  1. Becky H
    July 22, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    I find myself drawn to the “less” look. must be the “less” to dust that I like.

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