Color, Color, Color Me Happy: Make It Fun, Give It Sass & Make It Savvy!!!

In what some would call these rather “dark and gloomy” times where insecurities are lying just under the surface in so many –  and people are jitterish about the economy, their jobs,  world unrest, etc;..…..and all of us are wondering what life has in store for us just around the corner — I think it’s time to put more color into our world!

Brighten up one or two of your rooms with happy stuff!  Bring in paint and splash it on older, traditional pieces – furniture and accessories alike.  Take that heavy, oppressive Old World urn and splash it with color!  Make it bright and joyful!  Take grandma’s dresser and paint flowers all over it!  Let’s have fun and let’s get happy!

Brighten Up Your Space

Color, Polka Dots And Stripes – How’s This For Happy!!!!


I actually showed these chests in an earlier post, but I wanted you to see them in this setting.  If you have a room you can brighten up and have fun with – well go for it!  Don’t just do a little… it up big!  Paint a wall lime green.  Hang mirrors all over the wall to reflect color and bling!   Drop a flashy chandelier  or two from the ceiling to throw in some fun.  This doesn’t just have to go in a little girl’s room.  Brighten up your office, your grown up girlie room, your sewing or craft room.  If you’re really brave — even a main living space.  It’s just the look that’ll put a smile on your guests face the minute they walk through your door!

Fun Blues And Yellows

Fun Blues and Yellows!


Fun, Bright Pink Urn With PVC And Netting

All You Need Is Imagination And Paint!


Fun Purples, Reds, Greens & Golds!

Are You Smiling Yet????



Have You Ever Seen A Happier Space????


Notice the wall hangings….they’re painted door panels!  A basic night table takes on a fresh face with the stripes.  Have an old hutch from Aunt Sally or Grandma Rose?  Paint it purple, add some flowers and……..voila! It goes from stuffy to SAVVY, SAVVY, SAVVY!

Dart Board Chest!

Soda Bottle Caps and A Dart Board Design – How Creative Is This?


Love Is Colorful!


 Paint A Wicker Chair! Don’t Stop At Dressers and Chests – Paint A Chair!


Painted Waves

Painted Waves Fit To The Contour Of The Dresser Making An Otherwise Ordinary Piece Extraordinary

Can you see what an amazing transformation a little color can make on the most basic, ordinary pieces?  Why more of us don’t have a houseful of this stuff is somewhat baffling.  Life is so serious as it is, lets put a little wiggle and a little giggle in our homes!  And don’t worry……be happy!!!!

1 comment for “Color, Color, Color Me Happy: Make It Fun, Give It Sass & Make It Savvy!!!

  1. Becky H
    August 14, 2010 at 5:40 pm

    I think you may have to have a paint class.

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