“Junkin” In Canton With The Girls

When a group of my girlfriends decided to go to Jefferson, Texas one weekend for a girl getaway we decided to stop off at the half way point in Canton.  The monthly flea market was going on and Barb wanted to stop off to pick up some things for her sister who has a shop up north.  Canton, with all it’s eclectic shops and styles is always an interesting and fun field trip.  And it has all that yummy, greasy food on a stick you’d never eat at home!      Little did we know that the July temperature of 105 degrees would actually feel like 185 degrees by the time we left two hours later.  Walking to the car with all our goodies in tow (a girl just can’t go to Canton and walk away empty handed!) was a challenge beyond words in the blistering Texas heat.  But, being the resourceful shoppers we are we rose to the occasion and drove away with all sorts of fun stuff – sweating, but happy! 

Here is just one of the fun little shops we stumbled onto in the Paul Michael’s building just outside the arbors.  Right click the caption below to check out their website:


Girls Gone Junkin’

Girls Gone Junkin' In Canton


Look At All This Yummy, Romantic, Girly Bedding!




Love This:  Shabby Chic Meets Grandma’s Attic


Refreshing Wicker Bistro Set


Accessories With Charm



Sweet And Charming



A Little Sass, A Little Class


This is such a fun shop to peruse.  You could wander around here for hours.  So much of their stuff is hand made – the purses, vests, bottles, jewelry, etc.  It all has such a warm, creative quality to it it’s hard not to want to take it all home with you – or at the very least curl up in the middle of it all with a cup of tea.   (That’s my criteria for a warm, inviting store…..if it makes me want to curl up with a cup of tea then it’s a definite thumbs up.)  Here’s a few more fun pictures of their beautiful things:

Great Hutch And Plates





If you’re ever in the area you have to stop by this quaint little shop.  The entire flea market opens up each month the weekend before the first Monday of the month.  It used to be called simply “First Monday”.  Now everyone just refers to it as Canton.  If you can’t make it out this way you can check out their charming website and blog.

Until next trip……

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