Hollywood Bling: The Magnificence Of Mirrored Furniture


Do you like the glitz and glam of Hollywood?  Do you like to have snazz and pizzazz in your home?  Maybe just that one room you want to do “over the top”?  Consider doing a space with an accent on mirrored furniture.  With the sexy mirrored furniture and a blingy chandelier……maybe some silk or velvet seating or bedding……mmmmmm…… (can you picture it?) you can bring a little Hollywood glam to your home.  Check out some of these fabulous pieces below.  I stopped by a wonderful designer resource here in Dallas called Grassroots down in the Design District and was thrilled to happen upon all these glitzy pieces.


Mirrored Chair

 Check out this fabulous chair.  The chair back is mirrored and the finish on the chair frame is brushed silver.  Look closely and you can see the sofa and table in it’s reflection.

  Mirrored Dresser and Mirrored Art 

How’s this for glitz and glam?  Does this scream Hollywood or what?


Great lamps, too.


More Mirrored Art

An interesting piece of mirrored art. 


Blingy Dining Table

I fell in love with this dining room table and chairs.  The mirrored pedestal adds the bling as well as the silver pieces on the table.   And, I’m in love with these chairs!


Mirrored Chest

Love the feminine style of this piece and the way it’s paired with gold accents.


Mirrored Table

Great mirrored cocktail table.


Small Mirrored Chest

This piece is interesting with the wood edging.



I want this screen!


Mirrored With Gold Edging

 Another sexy piece with the pairing of mirror and gold. 



How about this giant, oversized mirror?  Isn’t this stunning?


Mirrored Chest With Gold

Great mirrored console.  And great lamps and artwork, too!

Are you getting a heart ping for the mirrored bling???  If you have a space,  just that one little room…..your “girlie” room or a guest room, your daughter’s room….consider adding some mirrored pieces to the mix and go a little Hollywood!  A little glam goes a long way!

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  1. Barbie
    September 16, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    How much was that screen?? I love it!

  2. September 16, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    I know isn’t great? I don’t remember the price, but I can find out if you want me to.

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      Great! I appreciate that. If you’d like to subscribe feel free to click “Email Subscription” and sign up to receive an email whenever I add a new post. Welcome and Thanks!

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