Divine Dining With Divine Designers!


One of the fun things we got to do while we were in New York for the Business Of Design Conference (I talked about this trip in an earlier post for those of you who missed that) was go out in small groups, get to know other designers and discuss the challenges and joys of running an Interior Design business, trade idea’s and share stories.  My group went out to a quaint little restaurant called Cibo on Thursday night after the conference and enjoyed a great meal (I had a fantastic Peach Bellini!) and a couple of hours of food, drink and design discussion.  It was great fun, great company and great food.  And as always I checked the restaurant out for fun design ideas.  And as with with most restaurants, hotels, commercial buildings, etc. I found something interesting that could be incorporated into a clients home.

We had quite a hike through the city to get to the restaurant from the hotel and worked up a sweat and an appetite by the time we got there.  Thank goodness I was smart enough to put a comfy pair of shoes in my purse to change into or I would have been miserable!

 Cibo had a casually elegant feel to it and felt very “New York”.  We were able to sit by a window so we had a view of the city street while we ate.  (I always like that when I’m in New York!)


As you enter the restaurant you see a cool, contemporary wall unit…..which I immediately noted would be a great feature in a client’s home.  (Click, click – picture time – file it away for a future project!)


How do you like this copper and navy combination? I love it.  My friend and fellow designer, Diane, and I designed a master bedroom for a model home in these colors last year.  I think it’s an interesting, gorgeous, fun combination.

Navy and Copper Master Bedroom

 This is the color board of the space we designed. See what I mean?  Love these colors together! 

I also love the way they designed this built in.  Wouldn’t this look great in a home….especially a contemporary or eclectic space…for displaying accessories, art or florals?  I love the navy background set off by the copper, the lighting to create ambiance and accentuate the pieces and the clean lines of the built in.  Fabulous look!  Always nice to come away from a restaurant with a great design idea!


These are the fabulous designers I went to dinner with from all over the country.(Minus Skip who had to leave before we got the picture)  All talented, fun, friendly and willing to share the in’s and out’s of the design business.   I enjoyed getting to know them all and look forward to seeing them again next year!

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  1. Becky H
    September 19, 2010 at 3:13 am

    look at all you beautiful ladies! looks like a good time.

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