Divine Dining Meets Divine Designing


 When getting ready to design your dining space think outside the box.  Bring in different elements that create visual interest and maybe catch your guests eye by surprise.  Think about going for the eclectic – combining different textures and styles in a unique way. 


 This dining room has combined transitional chairs with traditional wing backs and a cherry table.  But, take a look at the unusual iron light fixture and the walls.  All these details are what make this space eclectic and interesting.


 The rattan chairs, woven wood blinds and wide plank wood floors give this dining room a warm, casual feel.   Check out the light fixture and ceiling.  And that fabulous view doesn’t hurt either!  Too bad we can’t all add that to our dining rooms!


 Green is supreme!  This eclectic space screams fun and fine dining at the same time.  Notice the rustic table paired with the tailored clean lines of the chairs?  Too cool.


 Again, modern green chairs with a somewhat rustic/modern table on a stone floor.  The glass containers with greenery sprinkled on the table top is interesting and unusual as is the funky light fixture.


 The brightly colored rug in this dining area with its retro table and traditional accents paired with an interesting mix of textures and styles can’t help but put a smile on your face in this eclectic space.

SA0305170d_1_x-diing roomThis dreamy dining room with it’s soft blue walls and drapes is elegant and inviting.  The dark wood on the table and the white wash finish on the chairs work together to create an eclectic, interesting space.  Notice the iron and glass table with the lamp and pictures above it.  Interesting details that lend to the dining room’s eclectic personality.                                      

                                                                                                          Images by Coastal Living

So when getting ready to design your own dining room keep these details in mind if you’re looking for an eclectic space.  Think texture, think combining styles (it’s tricky so be careful or contact a professional – me for example!), think color, and think outside the box!

Happy Decorating!!!!

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