The Cozy Charm Of The English Cotswold’s


I don’t believe there could be any place on earth cozier than the Cotswold’s in England.  I know, I know….there’s lots of wonderful places, maybe some that are just as full of their own charm…..but nothing more charming.  That’s all I’m saying.  Look at some of these enchanting pictures and tell me it doesn’t look like something right out of a fairy tale.



 Can you imagine living in this charm?  Walking down the street daily to work or home or to the local “pub”?   



 Beautiful, almost “too perfect” foliage and flowers. This reminds me a little of Carmel’s beauty.  The flowers there are almost cartoonish in their beauty.  Too pretty and perfect to be real.






 Do these houses even look real?  They remind me of something right out of Lord of the Rings.  And those flowers, that greenery…..Aaaahhhh! Yes….an absolute fairy tale.


This is just a sampling of one of the Bed and  Breakfasts there.



 Quaint charming row housing.



Talk about fall foliage! 



Oh, my goodness, the epitome of English charm! Yes, I could live here. 



 Map of the Cotswold’s.




 The cutest little thatched roof cottage!


 Another street filled with charm.


 A more “contemporary-esque” bed and breakfast. 


Another amazing view of the countryside.

Was I kidding? Yes, there are a great many breathtakingly beautiful, charming places in this world – all with their very distinct personalities – but, nothing can top this cozy, charming, inviting atmosphere.  Of course, not all of us can realistically entertain the thought of actually living there so if you want to bring the charm of the Cotswold’s home to your own place do it on a smaller scale.  Create an English garden out back – or even out front – bring in stone and florals and mixed fabric patterns and textures.  Combine the old with the new so it looks like your things have been passed down for generations for that “lived in”, “has a history” kind of feel.  Grow ivy up onto the house till it’s covered in the lush greenery. 

Since we all can’t live there bring a touch of the cozy English Cotswold’s to your home! 

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  1. Randy Stuehm
    July 15, 2012 at 4:26 am

    Where is the village with the bridge towards to bottom of this page of your blog

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