Wedding Time Bliss: Girly, Blingy – Oh So Savvy – Shower Idea’s!


Weddings and wedding showers are always a fun excuse for family and friends to get together, but they are especially fun for friends who haven’t seen each other in years.   And when it’s your oldest and dearest friend’s kids (that you’ve known since they were born) that grow up and get engaged…….oooohhhh the emotions it brings out.

72573_1393636770729_1526460186_30866024_5389062_n These are my oldest and dearest friends from high school.  We were best buddies back then, together all the time.  We were all in each other’s weddings, we all started our families at the same time and had years and years of fun when our kids were growing up.  We celebrated birthdays together, Christmases together, annual summer trips to Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor, multiple play dates at Chuck-e-Cheese, each other’s houses and other fun places.  Wonderful, fun memories.  Jan, on the left, is the one who’s daughter, Amelia, is getting married and, Judy, on the right, is her sister. (Some of you may recognize Judy from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.  She’s the choreographer many of you have seen on the DCC TV show.)

IMG_0313 Here we all are when I first got there: Judy, Jan, Amelia and Judy’s daughter, Cassie, all hugging and crying.  I’m snuggled in the middle – so happy to see everyone.  With Jan living out of town I literally had not seen her or Amelia in years.  Judy and I manage to catch up about once, or maybe if we’re lucky, twice a year (which isn’t enough), but it had been a couple of years since I’d seen Cassie, too.  So we had a sweet little hug and tear fest at our reunion.  So special!

PA170418Here is my other sweet, good friend, their beautiful mama, Juanita, and Jan’s beautiful daughter, Amelia. 

Now that you have the introductions – on to decorating!

They had all sorts of fun tables with their own little themes.  All glammed up and blinged out.  So girly and oh so savvy!


 For starters they had this little table with the hostess gifts.  Love the black and white boxes, the feathers – and these are a pair of the bridesmaid’s shoes!  How fun is that?! 

PA170411 Has a swanky, sexy vibe to it you don’t you think?


 This table is the “Tuxedo Table”.  This is where they served the chocolate martini’s.  So yummy!  And isn’t this table just so glamorous and chic?


016 Love this picture!  What’s sweeter than young love?

007 This is the “Something Blue” table.  Blingy, girly, sweet. Just beautiful!

021 Pretty wine cocktail for this “Something Blue” table.

 PA170427 Precious!

PA170426Notice the garter?


009This is the “Blushing Bride” table.

 022Another adorable photo center stage on this wonderful table display.  The hot pink with the black and white, the crystal glasses and accents.  Mmmm…mmmm….mmmm….just absolutely gorgeous!  And fun, fun, fun!  

 PA170423 Isn’t this the cutest picture of the happy couple?

PA170422 And, aside from the blushing bride….it’s all about the shoe!


On this lovely table was the champagne cocktail

Three pretty little drinks in three different colors –  something for everyone.  Great idea!


Believe it or not Amelia’s grandmother, Juanita, made this amazing cake!  Can you believe that?  You’d think she does it professionally.  (She doesn’t in case you’re wondering.)  Incredible.  Beautiful. I’m amazed!

 PA170408Not only did she make the larger one, she made this adorable little chocolate cake, too.  Now that’s a special grandmother!   















Judy got a wire figurine and covered it in this tulle and ribbon to make it look like a miniature wedding dress. It dressed up the table in such a cute, unique way.  Very creative! Love it!  Good job, Judykins.

014 Sweet serving table.



Even the mantel was decorated to the hilt. 


Another shoe….Amelia’s bridal shoe for the wedding. Love this idea!

008A shot of Judy’s living room filled with all the bridal fun. 



Had to slip this in: Jan’s gift to Amelia for her bedroom.  She painted this chair black and recovered it in this cool, fun fabric.  I think it turned out great!


The beautiful wedding party.

And what adds even more excitement:


Judy’s daughter, Cassie, just got engaged!  (Yes, she followed in her mom’s footsteps to the DCC.)  Which means more showers, more weddings, (more fun decorating to share with you all), and more reunions!   So exciting!


The two happy cousins – blushing  Brides to Be.   

There’s just nothing more exciting than young love.  Is there?

Except maybe decorating!

(Kidding, of course!)

For all you young brides and mothers of the brides – have fun and good luck with all your exciting plans and, yes, I have to say it……..Happy Decorating!


2 comments for “Wedding Time Bliss: Girly, Blingy – Oh So Savvy – Shower Idea’s!

  1. October 28, 2010 at 12:08 pm

    This was really fun to read! Very creative and unique ideas… maybe we should be wedding planners instead???!!

  2. susan egbert
    November 11, 2010 at 2:04 am

    what fun!

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