The Front Porch: Cozy Curb Appeal


One thing I’ve always loved, always wanted was a cozy front porch I could sit on and watch the world go by.  Especially now that I’m a proud and happy grandmother – I tend to think of everything in terms of how it would affect my grandchildren.  And a cozy, big porch tops the list!  When my husband, Doug, and I were visiting his family in Port Washington, New York last summer I took a stroll through his old neighborhood (one of the coziest neighborhoods in one of the coziest towns ever!) and got some pictures of some of my favorite front porches.  Now I’m dreaming of my own……Someday……


I see myself sitting out front watching my granddaughter (grandchildren!) play while sipping on a glass of iced tea.  (A Southern thing!)  


 So charming!


What’s more inviting, peaceful and appealing than a large, comfy porch??  I could have white wicker chairs or I could have rocking chairs….I don’t know….Hmmmmm…. 


Tell me that doesn’t say I’m a happy home?????  Can’t you see my grandchildren frolicking in a yard like this or with me on the porch? I can!

P8092338  This porch is a little smallish, but still — so sweet.


When my daughter, Alyssa, graduates high school we’ll no longer be landlocked.    We can move anywhere we want.  And while it’s not easy finding this sort of thing in the suburbs of Denton or Dallas, Texas I’m not giving up hope!   We look constantly on the weekends and have managed to scope out some possibilities.

In a year and a half Alyssa will be preparing for college, my granddaughter will be almost three, and just maybe there’ll be another one here or on the way……

So I’m thinking by then this Mimi will be more than ready for that porch and that glass of tea!!!

Happy Decorating!

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