Backyard Bliss: Great Outdoor Living Ideas


I know I’ve done a couple of posts on the Kaleidoscope of Homes already, but they had such great ideas and fun stuff to look at I have to share more.  These are some pictures of the outdoor areas:  Fabulous swimming pools and inviting living areas. Since that’s the craze of the day that everyone’s enjoying now and since it’s something that adds tremendous selling power to your home I wanted to share these backyards with you.



Do you like clean, uncluttered lines?  This design might be something that interests you for your own backyard. 


These large pots with their beautiful foliage helps soften the edges and bring in color.

PA210429How’s this for a nice outdoor set up?  Great amount of space; comfortable, attractive seating; gorgeous floral for color and an indoor homey touch.  And, of course the wonderful fireplace.



Wouldn’t this bar be amazing?  Look at all the people you could seat.  Love the stone and the granite.  This has all of the amenities of the indoor kitchen to provide ease and convenience outdoors when entertaining.  And, of course, you’ll notice the flat screen TV.  What would we all do without five TV’s in our homes?

IMG_8693I like the iron embellishments in the windows, too.  Nice detail.


Another offset sitting area provides more seating and a little shelter from the hot Texas sun.

IMG_8735 This is a wonderful dining space.  It’s covered for shelter from the elements, and includes the corner fireplace and a small kitchen.  Check out all the details:  Flagstone flooring, stone fireplace with that cool iron grate, richly stained bead board ceiling.  Notice the “indoor” touches as well:  Picture over the fireplace, candles on the table, copper bells in the corner, and the floral on the cook area.  This creates all the warmth you’d find inside the home.  Don’t be hesitant about bringing this type of decor outside.  It makes it cozy and inviting.  What a great space for family and friends. 


I’ve always loved this look.  Large concrete or stone pieces with the grass border in between the stone.

IMG_8737 Another cozy sitting area.  This one is smaller than the others, but serves the purpose beautifully.  Love the furniture they chose.  Again, notice all the detail work here:  The bead board ceiling, the flagstone floor, the stone wall, the artwork above the mantel, the iron grate, the candlesticks on the end table and the vases tucked in the corner.  All of these details create a very cozy atmosphere.

Lots and lots of great ideas for your outdoor space!  If you can’t do all this -  carefully study what it is you like about each space and duplicate it on a smaller scale.  That’s what I did!  I can’t have these huge, grand spaces, but I can still have the outdoor kitchen and outdoor living spaces.  I just trimmed them down to accommodate my yard and my budget.  It can be done!  Just get creative, innovative, plan very carefully (or call me and I’ll do it for you!) and you’ll have a beautiful space of your own!

Happy Decorating!

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