Christmastime Is Here!


Every year for the last dozen or so years I’ve been decorating my client Pam’s house for Christmas.  It’s become quite the tradition for the both of us and we always have fun pulling her home together.  This year was somewhat different.  She decided she was just “over” the 12 foot massive, enormous tree we’ve always done (we’ve gone through two of them) and ready for a smaller 9 foot tree.  The larger tree was an ordeal to say the least.  It was so wide at the bottom that by the time it narrowed at the top it was so far away from my reach – even when I stood on their gigantic ladder I had to resort to throwing some of the ornaments on the tree and poking them in with whatever makeshift “poker” I could get my hands on.  It was a lot of work and usually had us giggling, but somehow it always turned out gorgeous.

Switching to a much smaller tree would be easier, but left us a little unsure as to whether it could be anywhere near the showstopper the other one was.   After all was said and done I’m happy to say it turned out beautiful, showy, elegant and classic.  Though not as grand in size it still makes a grand statement.  As does the rest of her house. 

Very festive and fun!

Take a peek! 


 Pam loves Santa’s so we have quite an assortment sprinkled all over her house.


 We always layer two strands of lighted garland on her mantel for a rich, full look.


 We keep the color scheme classic with cream, gold and silver.









 More fun Santa’s.






 This giant Santa greets you at the entrance.  Love that!


I like to tuck a little fun under the tree even before all the gifts pile up.  Here we have another Santa and some gold gift boxes filled with silver and gold ornaments.

IMG_0404 Fun, unexpected items in the tree make it interesting!


Had to have our Santa’s in here! 





Of course, it’s important to glam up the stairway as well for that total holiday impact.  Almost pretty enough for a wedding – wouldn’t you say?!     (Excuse the gate – it’s for her precious, little doggy.)





Not an enormous twelve foot tree, but lovely none-the-less. 


There is just something about a houseful of Christmas decorations that makes everyone feel warm and snuggly!

Christmastime – such a happy time of year!!!!

(And, thank you, Pam, for donating your old trees to my church!!!)

Happy Decorating!!!

2 comments for “Christmastime Is Here!

  1. November 30, 2010 at 1:13 am

    Great job, it looks beautiful.

  2. November 30, 2010 at 1:38 am

    Thanks, Barbara!

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