It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


There are many great advantages to living with a designer.  We can whip together a space fairly quickly with a certain amount of finesse – and many times on a bargain.   We continually see lots of new and great ideas and have access to a great many resources that allow us to have tons of fun designing our own homes.

And, there are some disadvantages to living with a designer.  We are always wanting to whip together a new look for a different space, and we always see lots of new and great ideas and, well, we always have access to a great many resources that allow us to have tons of fun designing our own homes.  (So it generally never ends with us!) It’s the classic case of the good with the bad.

Kind of like most people’s personalities I guess you could say…….our strengths are also our weaknesses!

And, Christmastime for many of us, like me, is no exception.  I love my house all decorated up for Christmas!  And, I love changing or adding some little something every year.

My husband, like many of your husbands, tends to dread the weekend after Thanksgiving when I have him drag all my Christmas stuff down out of the attic for me to play with.  He’s always happy with everything when the job is done…..just dreads doing it. Ring a bell with anyone?


The next time your husband complains you might have him hang a gander at these pictures.  He might forever after count his lucky stars.  Because I don’t have just a little bit of  “stuff”…..I have a lot of “stuff”.  And, it’s all up that fun little ladder in the attic. (Someday I’ll have a walk in attic!)


This isn’t all of it either.  It’s just where I stopped to take a picture.  See his little legs on the ladder?  Well, he’s making yet another trip up the ladder and through that dark little hole for more of my "stuff”.  And, there were quite a few more trips after that.  Thanks, hubby…’re the best!  Really……you are!

My Front Porch:


Before he’s even finished dragging it all down I start “my thing”. 

The first thing I want guests to see is a cozy, inviting entrance that say’s Christmas Is Here!  Lots of greenery, pine cones, and red.


A welcoming basket.


Candy canes, poinsettia’s and a sleigh.


I tucked poinsettia leaves in my lanterns this year.


Of course, once inside it continues. 

My Entry Way:


(It’s not that I want it to look like Santa threw up in my house or anything…….it’s just that, well, I like Christmastime!  That’s all.)


My fall pumpkins and mums gave way to cream poinsettias and gold gift baskets. 

IMG_0681Of course, garland, ribbon and Christmas decor adorn the stair railing. 


My fall arrangement on my entry table was replaced by a Christmas tree. 


The corn husks I tucked here for Thanksgiving are now a Country Christmas platter and my Victorian Christmas caroler.


He was my new addition a couple of years ago!  Love him!

IMG_0785 I always switch out my regular florals in my entry for these Christmas tree’s. 

My Piano Room (aka “Girlie Sitting Room”):


I like to add greenery to my chandeliers for a cozy touch.


And, I like to tuck little Christmas trees all over the house.  (An inexpensive way to add a touch of Christmas here and there.)


This was one of my new additions last year.  He’s my little Christmas monkey!  What’s a Christmas monkey you might ask?  I have no idea…..that’s just what he’s called.  I like him so much I keep him here year round now!

Well, this is the start of my “Christmas home tour”.  I’ll have to show you more of my house on another post.   Too much “stuff” for one post. 

I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have decorating your own home for Christmas!  I know it can be a lot of work, but after the coziness of fall decorations there’s nothing like the feeling of Christmas, is there?!   So festive and fun.  And, like I said on a previous post…..there is just something about Christmas decorations that makes everyone feel so warm and snuggly.   I know I do!

Happy Decorating!


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