July At Christmas: A Wintertime Beach Party Full Of Great Party Ideas!


 One thing is for certain in my life……I have some very creative, very uninhibited, very fun friends!  Never a dull moment with this group.   One of these friends has a Christmas party with a different “theme” every year at her house. (Last year I had to have it at mine because she couldn’t, but other than that it’s always been her “thing”.)  She’s done it for…..I don’t even know……seven or eight years or so.  The same core group has gone every year and she changes it up some from year to year varying the number of people and who the special guests may be.  But, this year with her “July At Christmas” theme (Get it?  Instead of Christmas in July?  Cute, huh!) she stuck with her core buddies – “her posse” – I guess you could say.  Her theme and all her “goodies” warranted eight — so eight it was.

The rules were simple: 

                                   1)  Dress like you would for the beach in July

                                   2) Be ready to party

                                  3)  Be ready to eat

When we arrived we were greeted by her beach signs and lawn chairs.  (And complimentary Santa hats for everyone.)


 Next we each were given a choice of sunglasses from this sand pail:


The martini’s were ready with their individual flip flops in different colors so we could keep track of who’s was who’s.


Of course, Santa and Christmas decor was incorporated in the scheme of things, because it was after all a “July At Christmas” party. 


Sunglasses, lei’s, flip flop necklaces and martini’s in hand…the party began!


Happy party go-ers!



Barb, our fabulous hostess with the mostest.


She even added flowers to her doorway.  Too fun.


Her appetizer table was decorated with “fish netting”, starfish candleholders, and sea shells.  And, of course, her Santa’s.



Oh, and a lighthouse candleholder.



    She made these yummy appetizers on shells that you can bake in the oven. Love that!






These fruit sticks were not only refreshing and tasty, but they were beautiful.



On the table our “name cards” were these silver flip flops she got at the dollar store!  How fun and creative is that?!


Inside this decorative wire gift box, which acted as the centerpiece for the dining table, are all the guys Christmas gifts (or party favors).  They each got sand pails filled with lots of fun little goodies: a CD, bubbles, a beer bottle opener, etc.




 For the girls she hung stockings on the backs of our chairs.  The stockings were filled with all sorts of wonderful things: a beachy dishtowel, recipe cards, notepads, more bubbles, etc…..Sooooo fun!


  Good times at the dinner table.  My hubby looks quite content in the middle of Barb and Connie.  He sits there every year.


 Doug and Dave, Barb’s hubby – the host with the most!  Notice the Santa hats are on now.


Barb even found this huge wall size poster of the beach and put it up in the dining room so we could feel like we were somewhere tropical.  I mean….did I say creative?


Here’s the gang after dinner.  Santa hats and beachwear!  Can you tell we’re having a little fun?!


Okay, now how darling is this?  Barb made a sand castle pound cake with a cake form she has and used brown sugar for the sand.  She made the little flag and just added some beachy things and candy Christmas trees.  Have you ever seen anything more creative?!


After dinner, and before dessert, we all hopped in the hot tub.  Yes, we all brought our bathing suits – just in case you were wondering!

IMG_0863 After the hot tub the girls borrowed pajamas from Barb and we sat down for dessert and games.  Too fun!!!!!  And look at all these beautiful desserts! 


Barb outdid herself once again.  But, of course, she does every year. 

I’m grateful and blessed to have such fun, talented, creative friends who love, love, love to have a good time.

I hope this fun party has given you some great ideas for a party of your own!

Happy Holidays, Happy Partying……and, of course, Happy Decorating!

3 comments for “July At Christmas: A Wintertime Beach Party Full Of Great Party Ideas!

  1. Becky
    December 15, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    OMG!!! That is so cut. The hostess is so creative.

  2. Marc
    December 15, 2010 at 2:21 pm

    The Martini’s look great! Hey Doug, was the shovel and bucket yours? Were you digging holes and filling them back up??!! 🙂

  3. December 15, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    I know, Becky, she totally outdid herself. And, Marc, yes, Doug got a pail and shovel and immediately started digging!

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