Happy, Merry Christmas!!!!

A good friend of ours (who we haven’t seen for years) sent us the best Christmas card ever this year.  Custom made just for us – a flash to the past…..made us laugh and reminisce for half an hour.  What a great idea to personalize a card!

Check this out:

Marc's card - 1 


 That’s me on the far left and my handsome husband next to me.  (Yes, I’ve got some serious hair working – but, it was the 80’s after all!)  Beside him is our sweet friend, Marc.  What a fun, sentimental card!!!  I just love this idea!  Think about this next year for someone in your life.

The top picture is before we had a family. – Here we are below almost thirty years later with grown children and a grandbaby. 

Seeing these two pictures side by side puts it all in perspective….how quickly it goes by, how blessed I have been and how important it is to cherish the moments along the way.   


When I worked at a design center there was a precious Hispanic cleaning lady who came through the office years ago at Christmas time smiling and saying a heartfelt, “Happy, Merry Christmas!” to everyone.  It was so sweet and precious I decided I liked her little expression.  It had a sweet ring of kindness and joy to it.

So Happy, Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!!

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