Party Decor Idea’s For Your New Years Eve Party


Need some fun party idea’s for your New Years Eve party?  Check out some of these fun party settings.

Do you want to  spruce up your table with color?  What about pinks, reds, purples and oranges?  Take a close look at this picture.  Nothing on this table is expensive, but put it all together like this and it looks like a million bucks.

Would you prefer classic black, white and gold?  A more formal look, but you can’t go wrong with these colors.

Leftover Christmas decorations go a long way in sprucing up your New Years Eve table.

Bring some fun textures to your table. 

Name tags and/or party favors in soft turquoise and silver are very inviting and fun.

Don’t forget the horn blowers and the noise makers.  They make a fun centerpiece, too.

Silver and white makes an elegant table.  Horn blowers with silver party tinsel and this collection of clocks – ticking away the New Years countdown – make for a fun, whimsical, but beautiful centerpiece.

This table is fun, casual and hip with the dark brown table and tray, and the martini glasses and popcorn ready to go. 

Hope these fun idea’s help you to come up with the color scheme and theme of for your own New Years Eve party.

Send me some pictures!

Happy New Year and Happy Decorating!!!! 

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