The Allure Of Animal Print: Still Going Strong


Think animal print has run it’s course?  Think again.  It’s actually a timeless addition that’s been around for ages and will continue to be around.  It’s fun, can be quirky and can lighten and brighten an over-stuffy, serious roomThese days, let’s face it, we need all the “lightening up” and" “brightening” we can get in our lives.  So consider adding a splash of animal print. (I have a little splash of it somewhere in almost every room in my house!) It can be in traditional colors or something wild and bright like fuchsia or lime green.  Think outside the box and have fun with it. 


It could just be in something small like this accessory.


Or larger like this chair.


Or this ottoman.  Love this cowhide.


What about something fun like this chest?

Be careful with animal print.  It’s not something you want to overdo.  I’d think long and hard before doing an entire sofa or loveseat. That could be a bit much!  Better to use animal print as the accent pieces on a sofa or drapes and/or your other furnishings and accessories for the overall look of the space.  Remember when it comes to animal print a little goes a long way.

Lots of fun pieces to consider.  Take a look at some these other options below:










Fun, huh?

So when designing your own space throw in a little twist with some animal print and create a little fun of your own!

Happy Decorating!

1 comment for “The Allure Of Animal Print: Still Going Strong

  1. Susie
    October 31, 2013 at 2:40 am

    Hi Sheri, came across your site when I was looking for animal print home decor. I just fell in love with the cow print chair! Where can I purchase it? Btw, love your style!!!

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