Place Settings With Personality


Would you love to get creative and fun with your place settings at your next dinner party – but you’re just not quite sure how?  Do you have trouble coming up with the perfect theme?  Take a look at some of these fun table settings and consider one of them for your next event.  Your guests will be not only be impressed, they’ll look forward to dining sitting down to such a cozy, beautiful spread to enjoy your wonderful meal.


Layers of silver create an elegant look, but the hammered metal finish brings it down a notch from prissy to just plain cool.


This blue and white on a mirrored placemat is fun and inviting.  Love the blue glassware.  And it looks great with the brown dishware.


How about plum with cream?  Isn’t this lovely with the textured placemat, silk napkin with it’s plum napkin ring and of course the plum wine glasses.


For a hip, casual feel how about these leather look placemats and coasters with these brown and cream dishes.  I like the square on square look.


This is a crisp, clean look with the turquoise and white on this contemporary glass table.


The textured woven placemat with the square dishware in layered colors, topped off with a brown napkin and “birdie” napkin ring is casual, but chic.  It would work great with the Casual Chic furniture from yesterday’s post.


The black and silver lends a sophisticated vibe to this table as does the dome dish cover.  You can’t help but feel you will lift that cover to find the finest of the finest meal underneath. (A little pressure on the cook, but a very glamorous setting!)

Below is a fresh look with the white, distressed dishware layered with the teal leaf plate.  You can throw in a splash of added color in your wine or water glass like this gold or red.  Or you could switch out the teal for another pop of color.  A good set of white or cream plates is always a good idea for this very reason.


A closer look.


Notice how the napkins are numbered.  Fun.





Images from Z Gallery and Codarus

Did you get any new ideas for your own table setting?  Or you can just take bits and pieces from each of them and come up with your own look. 

Also, remember you can incorporate items into the table setting that aren’t necessarily made for that.  Check around your house for items that can be “tweaked” and incorporated for a fresh fun look.  Picture frames for name cards, flower stems for napkin rings, washrags (in good shape) for napkins at an outdoor barbecue, craft paper squares for place mats, etc.  Have fun with it and remember – don’t be ordinary….BE EXTRAORDINARY!!

Happy Decorating!!!

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