Doggie Bed’s For Dog Lovers: Fit For A King


There are those who have pooches that they love and then there are those that have pooches that they REALLY, REALLY LOVE.  They consider them beloved members of the family.  And, well, these animal lovers simply must have the best of the best for man’s (or woman’s) best friend:   The best dog food available, frequent play dates with their doggy friends, lots and lots of love and pampering.  For these dog lovers and their much loved dogs the perfect doggy bed is essential. 

After all what sweet pooch doesn’t deserve a bed fit for a king?


Can’t you see a your little poochy in this yummy bed?


And, of course, their dog food bowls would have to measure up.  Much like dining on a fine dining table….only the best!


A bit more casual, but regal none-the-less.. No doubt still fit for a king.


And, of course, a matching dog bowl set. 


A bed fit for the queen more than the king.  Girlie, feminine, precious.


And, of course, her matching “dining set”.  Only the finest for the queen.


For the more “casual chic” pooch above and the “shabby chic” pooch below.


For those of you with bigger “best friends” check out this bed below.  Has a cool urban vibe.




Great dog bowl set up for the big guys. Marble and iron. Looks almost like a coffee table here!

More cool styles:










Great little step ladder….so lush and rich.

   These beds and food bowl sets are so attractive they don’t detract from or clutter your home.  They can actually add to it’s charm.

So if you are a dog lover consider treating him or her to a little royalty, a little pampering with a dog bed “fit for a king”.  After all……you will never find a more loyal, loving friend.

Happy Decorating!

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  1. Tina Heffentrager
    July 17, 2012 at 11:28 pm

    Hello, We hae a pet boutique in south jersey.. Your beds would look so good in our boutique. Do you sell wholesale. Thank You Tina 609-748-7110

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