The Power Of Red


If you want to give your place some pop and pizzazz try sprucing it up with color.  A color like red for example.   Nothing screams fun, hip, cool like the power of red.  You don’t have to overdo it.  You don’t need a lot of it.  Just a few strategic pieces in your space can “kick it up a notch”, as Emeril would say.  Take a look at some of these great pieces by Sherrill.


This fun bookshelf would look great up against the wall or as a room divider to help separate a space.

catalog_image_display-box table

This table would not only look great, but it can do double duty as an end table, and a file or storage cabinet.

catalog_image_displayCA88BUZB - cube tables

These cube tables are small, but packed with lots of punch in the color red.

catalog_image_displayCABB58RW-red tv console

This cool TV console table has tons of wow!

catalog_image_displayCAJ2Y86Q-black with red

If you want a touch of red, but would like to tone it down a notch how about this black table base with a red surface.

catalog_image_displayCAK0SPIG-red barrel table

And this leggy drum table has a sexy, fun vibe in the color red.

So if you need to add a little “punch” to your space think about adding a pop of red.  Though Sherrill is a fabulous, quality line of furniture that I would highly recommend – if it’s out of your price range there are a multitude of less expensive sources out there to find similar pieces.

Like this piece from Pier One for only $179.00 on sale now:

pone red console


Or what about bringing red in with this rug from Amazon for $59.00:

51 cfQ2Mf6L__SS500_

Other great stores to check for similar pieces are Target, Homegoods, Marshalls – all great resources for inexpensive pieces. 

So, now that you know budget is no issue when it comes to giving your space that pop and power of red – think red and have fun with it!

Happy Decorating!

2 comments for “The Power Of Red

  1. Becky
    February 4, 2011 at 8:28 pm

    I was just looking at a red rug from Ikea! I think I might have to make a trek to Ikea. Not today though!

  2. February 5, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    That’s another great resource for inexpensive contemporary goodies. I should have listed them, too.

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