Fun Furniture For The Funky Hearted


At the Dallas market in January my designer friend, Kristi, and I stumbled upon quite a few new lines of furniture, bedding, accessories, etc.  It’s always fun and exciting to find new sources to share with our clients.  We saw everything from contemporary to traditional to transitional. 

The furniture below, however, doesn’t necessarily fit into any of those categories.  It could be called Funky Chic maybe??? Or Casual Funk????? Maybe Traditional Funk With a Twist???  Not quite sure it can be pigeonholed.  But it sure is fun to look at.   And you can actually glean some fun ideas from these pieces and apply them to a more toned down look if the super funky just isn’t “your thing”.  Take a look and see if you can picture these pieces in your own home:


Talk about furniture fit for a king:  The oversized curve, bright lush fabrics and colors, the gothic shaped back.


I love all these colors and patterns together.  Maybe on a more traditional or transitional piece?


How about the fleur dis li’s on the bottom of the chair.  Very cool.


And, of course, an oversized ottoman to complete the look.






How do you like this sexy, corset back chair?


I like the blue tufted buttons on this brown patterned fabric.


Another sexy chair with a great pattern mix.


And what about this for a head board? So shagodelic.


But, look at the cool vibe it gives off with this chandelier and zebra rug.  And, don’t overlook those shaggy lamp shades!


These pieces aren’t nearly as funky, but the room lends itself toward a little funk.  It would be kind of nice to have these chaise lounges to wallow in and watch TV.  Don’t you think?  Add the mirrored cubes and the leopard ottoman and voila!

A little glam, a little funk…..a lot of fun!.

Happy Decorating!

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