Thoroughly Modern and Magnificent


Do you like clean, sleek spaces?  No clutter, sparse accessories?  Do you like straight lines, or sexy sleek curves, Lucite finishes and chrome?  Well, then your style is no doubt modern and magnificent. Just like these pieces below.  How fun would it be to have some of these pieces in your home?


All white in these sleek styles creates a clean, fresh and very modern space.  (I’d probably throw in some colorful fresh flowers on the table or maybe a colorful vase just for fun.)

No fuss, no clutter…..just classic modern.






And, basic black is always classic as well as seen in these spaces below:




This bar set above reminds me a little of the Jetson’s.  (For you younger folks – that was a great cartoon back in the day.)



Images by Eurostyle

If you are a thoroughly modern Mr. or Misses I hope these pictures have given you some inspiration and ideas for your own home. 

Keep it simple, no frills, no clutter…..but keep it tastefully done so that it comes off inviting and appealing…..not hospital like.  Just because it’s ultra modern doesn’t mean it can’t be welcoming and inviting.

Happy Decorating!

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