Wow It Up With Color And Style


If you love color, but are afraid to decorate with it for fear of making a mess of things, take a look at some of these colorful spaces below.  Great ideas here for color and bling and just the right mix of the two.  This might be just what you need to step out of that box you’re in and “go for it”.  Full out decorating…..just the way you like it.  No holding back…


How are these rooms for bringing on the happy vibe with color?


Don’t they just make you want to smile? Such fun colors!


Throwing this red and the red and yellow shams to this otherwise neutral color scheme adds just the right punch.  No need to put the color in the large scale pieces here. Just having all the accents in a bright cheery red does the trick beautifully.


I’m actually loving the drapes around the chests.  I think that looks really cool.  And notice this time it’s yellow with neutrals. 


Love the cream and bling against the yellow wall.


And, how about this gentle teal pop on this table with cream colored chairs and cream accents.


Isn’t this blingy wall hanging fab?  What an impact?


Mmmmmm…..such a happy space!  How can you not smile when you walk into this room?  Notice all the furniture is cream, all the accents are orange?  But, what you see when you look at this space is orange, orange and more orange……just with accessories – none of the seating.  Keeping the seating neutral and using your accent pieces to bring in the color….very smart thing to do.  If you grow weary of the orange at some point – it’s much cheaper to replace the accessories than all the furniture.


Classic black and red always works.


Yellow on cream……bright, happy.  Love it.

Hope you got some great ideas here.  Now have some fun and go for it in your own space!   If you need some help pulling it all together or if you are interested in any of the pieces you see here let me know!

Happy Decorating!

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