Amazing Murals For Children’s Rooms And More


One of the coolest things I’ve stumbled onto recently as a designer is a website called Murals Your Way.   They offer incredible murals you can purchase for just about any space in your home or office.  I have highlighted the children’s rooms below, but the fun thing is you can do any type of space: kids, adults, office space, etc.  You have got to check out their website here.  They offer options to customize the size of your mural to fit your space from their preselected images – and they have lots and lots of great images to choose from.  But, what’s even more exciting to me is that you can upload your own images and have a wall size mural made.  I mean….. how cool is that????

Check out some of these wonderful children’s murals below and see if they wouldn’t invoke a certain feeling of enchantment for your little one.


A Walk In The Woods

At The Sea

Clouds 3

Natures Harmony


Reef life

Sharks 2

To The Rescue

How much fun would these be for your kiddo?  Personalizing their space with their own unique interest. Fun, fun, fun!

And, what about these cityscapes for an adult space:

New York cityscape

New York City

chicago cityscape



Or these beach scenes:

night beach

This night beach scene above.

beach scene

Or this relaxing daytime beach scene. 

How relaxing would it be to walk into a room with a wall size mural like this to greet you?

And, don’t forget, in addition to their selections you can upload your own.  Maybe a favorite vacation spot or a funny picture of your family or friends. Think of the fun you could have!

Happy Decorating!

1 comment for “Amazing Murals For Children’s Rooms And More

  1. susan egbert
    February 25, 2011 at 2:52 am

    OK, I would have died to have one of these on my wall as a kid!

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