Another Look At Hip, Casual Chic: Phase 2


(First of all…..I am SO sorry for the delay in my blog posting.  I’ve been too slammed with work to breathe so I just couldn’t get it done.  But, I promise I will try to do better!!!!)

I got lots of questions from my last blog post on hip, casually chic furnishings and decided today I would post the rest of these beautiful pieces today.  Relaxed, casual furnishings that say……..come over here and wallow on me…..and yet, all with that vibe that says….. I’m not just comfy – I’m hip, I’m cool and I’m fabulous”.


How would you like to flop down on this comfy sofa?



And you could just kick your heels up on this fabulous rustic table. No fuss here.



Love these casual pillows…….see what I mean???……Nothing prissy…..just casually chic and hip.



Change the personality of your chairs with the look of burlap like these chairs.  Don’t they look great? And, I like them paired with this little table and oversized lamp.



And how about this dining table and chairs?  As casual as it is it still carries a vibe of elegance.


I really like this gray with the cream.  A modern edge paired with the traditional curves and rustic accessories.  Very cool.



And all this rustic “stuff”……so fabulous.


This great chair and ottoman exudes personality with the distressed finish and burlap cushions.  And I really like it on the sisal rug.  Unexpected and great looking.


Mmmmmm…..fabulous chandelier.


Love this!


Another simple “farm” table with burlap chairs.   Notice the two distinct styles of these cabinets behind them and how this table can swing either way…..contemporary or traditional.  That’s what makes this look fun and hip.

Casual chic…..hip, fun, cool – and dare I say it – oh, so savvy!

Happy Decorating!!

2 comments for “Another Look At Hip, Casual Chic: Phase 2

  1. Becky
    February 28, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    Love this style. I need that chandelier. It’s perfect!

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