Festive Cake and Candy Displays That Put You In A Party Time Frame Of Mind:


These days everyone knows what festive, fun table displays cupcakes can make for parties of all occasions.  Because they are versatile they are easy to arrange and tweak to the design motif you are working with.  And, although they are easy to prepare, they can also just as easily be purchased at your local grocery store.  In fact at Wal-mart you can buy a dozen of them for $5.00.  $5.00!  I mean, why bother making them when you can get them at that price!  They will prepare them in any color and put them in cupcake holders the color of your choice.  If you’d like they can add sprinkles and offer limited decorations.  I like to have them made and then decorate them myself to fit the function I’m decorating for.  You can find all sorts of fun decorations at your local craft store.


I made this display for a couples wedding shower.  I used white cake mix, white icing, pearl sprinkles and little doves and rings for the decorations.  I used a three tier plate rack and layered my own crystal plates to form the towers, by using three different sizes separated by small crystal candle holders.   Then I added rhinestone candle votives for the topper and cascaded twisted white ribbon around them.  It made a very soft, sophisticated romantic display for a very elegant event.

Jackie's Shower

This table above was for a baby shower so of course the colors were tweaked to fit the occasion.  I had the cupcakes made at good old Wal-mart and had them do a mixture of icing colors to match my table.  Then I added my own baby decorations.   I placed one cupcake tower at each end of the table for balance.


These I made for a family football party that I shared on a previous blog.  I made these cupcakes myself instead of purchasing them and covered them with red sprinkles to match OU’s colors and then added fun football decorations.




This spooky cupcake display was actually made for my sweet nephew, Austin’s, birthday.  Since he’s an October baby I decided to play up the Halloween theme.  I think it made for a fun birthday cake.  On the bottom tray I added candy eyeballs and chocolate covered pretzels, then surrounded the bottom platter with faux fall leaves.   The topper is a jack-o-lantern candle. 


But, if you want to see some really fun, really incredible party displays take a look at these beautiful table decorations by Amy Atlas.  She’s the real pro with her amazing tables and has done many celebrity events.  Check these out for some fun ideas:

cupcake party display


Have you ever seen a more festive, happy display?  Notice the ice cream cone cupcakes?  Too cute!


IMG_84531-700x466 IMG_84491-700x466 IMG_83881-700x466 IMG_84331-700x466

Now that’s a fun party table!

Now that you’ve been inspired you can get motivated and creative with your own cupcakes.  The sky is the limit as far as color and theme so have fun with it!  You can make your cupcake display serious, romantic, casual and fun, hip and happenin’ – whatever the occasion you can make it work with cupcakes and candy.

Don’t forget to check out Amy’s incredible website and blog here.  It will inspire and amaze you!

Happy Decorating!

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  1. Susan
    March 4, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    It makes me hungry!!!! Very cute.

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