Cool Candles: Easy Do It Yourself Ideas To Spruce Up Your Space


If you are having a party and need some inexpensive ideas for tables, or if you just want to make a few inexpensive changes in your everyday décor – adding decorative candles may be just what you need to spice it up.  Take a look at some of these fun, easy ideas.

Candles from BHG

Using inexpensive votives spray them with adhesive glitter spray and apply a jewel of choice (old earring, pendant, or a jewel from the craft department, etc.)  with a hot glue gun to create these candle holders.  Apply the same technique to a larger votive for an even more dramatic look.

canning jars - fill with water add a floating candle and ribbon

For this look just fill a jar with water, add a floating candle and the ribbon of your choice.  Ribbons with the wire edging are the best, because the bow can be shaped.

coat greenery sprisgs with spray adhesive glue trim bottom

Coat greenery with adhesive spray, adhere to the jar and trim the bottoms.

This candle display is simply a tray filled with moss and inexpensive candle votives. (The votives can be purchased many times two for a dollar at your local craft store or dollar store.)  Place them randomly on the moss tray or in neat rows.  It’s the cloistering of many of them together that creates the dramatic look. 

repurpose old sweaters of wool socks for candle cozies

A fun use of old sweaters.  Just create snug wraps by cutting to fit and gluing or sewing edges.  You could do this with other fabrics as well.

Place stickers or stencil on votive and spray paint with metallic spray paint.  Peel back stickers or stencil to see the pattern underneath.

wrap and pin ribbon or fabric and secure with pearl pins

Wrap candle with decorative ribbon or fabric and secure with pearl pins.

Vintage Christmas

Glue craft paper to match your motif onto candle votive.  Trim edges to fit.  You can finish the edges with ribbon for a finishing touch if you’d like.

wrap with double stick carpet tape and press candy canes onto the tape around candle

Wrap candle with carpet tape and place candy canes or decorative candy of your choice to tape for a fun, festive look.


Images by BHG

To create a candle bouquet fill a large votive with decorative sand and place multiple candlesticks in a cluster. 


See what fun you can have without spending too much time or money?  Now you can use these ideas as inspiration and go get creative with your own theme! 

Happy Decorating!!!!

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  1. susan egbert
    March 7, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    love it!! Very cute and it looks easy!!!! Thanks for the great ideas, Sheri.

  2. March 8, 2011 at 1:35 am

    Love the savvy ideas!

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