A Little Book With Our Wine and Dinner: Chapter 2


I got some fun feed back and interest regarding my last post on the book club I’m in so I thought I’d continue to share them periodically with you..  This book was an older book called “Her Mother’s Daughters” by Marilyn French.  I’d read it a long, long time ago and remembered that I thought the writing was fabulous. And since it refers so much to the food they ate (generations of immigrant women – their lives largely revolved around providing meals for their families) I thought it would be perfect for our kind of book club.  We are all mothers and daughters and our club revolves around cooking from and about the food mentioned in the books we read.

So our hostess for the night had us all bring pictures of our mothers and grandmothers either by themselves or with us as little girls.  She set them up on a table for us all to see.  Very sweet and touching.

But, first we all poured ourselves a glass of wine….. 


We grabbed some appetizers…..


Then we talked about the pictures we brought and visited about our families. 


After sharing for awhile about our mothers and grandmothers it was time to hit the dinner buffet line for a great meal. 

(The hostess had each of us bring food from our mother’s or grandmother’s recipes and then labeled each item with our names, who the recipe was from and what the dish was.) Very clever.








Very fun to see where each dish came from.


And then we sat down at her fabulous table that she decorated with generations of old family photo’s.






A very creative group in the book club I must say.  It’s always fun to see what the décor will be to promote the theme of the book.  And, can I just say that everything was fabulous!

However, let me add a word of warning just in case you want to read the book.  While it’s a very poignant story and very, very well written it is, to say the least, a very dreary, depressing story.  (A little something I somehow forgot about when I suggested it.)  Not an upbeat sort of read at all.  Some of the women just couldn’t get through it, because of that.   So just be prepared for that and you’ll be okay.  It did, however, provoke one of our most interesting discussions ever, I will say that. 

And, of course, lots of incredible food!

Happy Reading……and, of course, Happy Decorating!

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