Define Your Style: Could It Be Cottage Cozy?

One of the most appealing styles – one that most people find warm, inviting and cozy, cozy, cozy is Cottage Style.  There is something about the colors, the combination of fabrics and patterns, the wood tones and just the overall vibe of the space that conjures up feelings of warmth and welcomes us like a great big hug from grandma. Cottage Style just makes us feels “good”.

I recently designed a kitchen and family room space plan for a client who loves all things 1920’s Cottage Style.  It’s in the remodeling stages right now, but since it’s fresh on my mind I thought I’d share some wonderful cottage idea’s with you.


See how inviting this space is above?  Wouldn’t you just love to curl up with a great book and a cup of tea?  The creams and whites with floral pillows, the ruffled skirt and wood tones…..all of it….so inviting and welcoming.


This cottage space welcomes us with color.


This cozy cottage space tends to slant towards the French.   Cozy cottage patterns and textures…..but notice the French curves on the table and chairs.  French Cottage – a bit more formal than traditional American cottage, but welcoming and warm none-the-less.


Here they play up bright lime green to give it a current, modern edge.


And, I like these rustic walls.


All creamy white above and below, with ruffles and limited color.



Creative, cozy little cottage style kitchen.


This cottage style is a bit more tailored and masculine, but full of color and life.


Patriotic theme – full of charm.


Love the florals and the yellow with the rattan and different colored adirondacks.  So happy and cozy!


Fun look with the rattan, the shades of teal and the floral, ruffled slip covers against the wood floor.  Notice the stripe back and the floral front on the chairs.  Cute!  And, it’s all topped off with that fabulous chandelier.

Good old rockers.  Always great for Cottage Style.


Tailored, clean look above; Feminine pastels and floral fabrics below.



Cottage Style just sort of speaks to our hearts and warms our insides. 

Think a moment and define your own style.  Is Cottage Style for you?  Maybe this is a look you’d like to see in your home.   Not just when you hit the beach or your favorite bed and breakfast.  If you love it, why not live with it year round?  Why not bring this coziness to your own space so that it welcomes you home each day with a great big grandma hug.  Especially after a long, stressful day at work.

Remember lots of wallowy furniture, comfy fabrics, a touch of rattan, a mix of patterns and wood.  Throw in great rug and some fresh flowers and your good to go. 

Happy Hugs To You and Happy Decorating!

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