Cheap Chic: Get The Classic Look Of Veranda Magazine On A Budget


First of all I am SO sorry for the delay in getting new blog posts on!  I’ve just been a bit swallowed up and haven’t been able to devote the time to it that I like to.  (And, then I had computer issues!) So, please forgive me and I’ll do my best to do better and stay timely!

It’s stands to reason if you want some rather grand, opulent inspiration in your decorating to turn to an ever timeless, ever classic magazine like Veranda.  Many of us can’t afford such total splendor, but we can ALL gather ideas and inspiration from the beautiful photos they provide in every magazine.  We can learn about color, style, scale, etc……just by studying their pictures.  For those fortunate enough to replicate the exact pieces – they have the perfect photo-map with which to proceed.  And, believe me, I’m all for high end, high quality furniture. Nothing’s more fun than working with a client who has an unlimited budget.  But, for the rest of us, we can take the overall look of the space and replicate it by combining just a few high end pieces with moderate and even low end pieces to create a similar “high end” look.  You can always create a fabulous look with tons of money at your disposal, but what about creating the same look on a budget?  Trust me it CAN be done.    Check out some of these stunning Veranda magazine covers and see what inspiration you take away.


Like this room?  Lowes and Home Depot have black wrought iron chandeliers for under $100.00 and Pier 1, Restoration Hardware and West Elm have alternative rattan chairs for under $300.00 that might work for a similar, but much less expensive alternative.  Ikea has contemporary shelving that might substitute for these cool pieces beside the fireplace.  As for the tree trunk coffee table, believe it or not you can actually google “how to make a tree trunk coffee table” and you can get directions on how to make one yourself!.  I mean, who knew?  An easier route might be West Elm.  They have a tree trunk side table that could possibly substitute as a coffee table if you add a glass top to make it bigger.


You could refinish some old shutters from a flea market and hinge them to create this dramatic look.  Look for similar tables and mirrors at resale shops.  They may need to be re-stained or painted to freshen them up.  Those of you who can sew…….make your own slip-covers and pillows in a fun color like this purple. 


Check Ikea, Restoration Hardware, Crate and Barrel and West Elm for alternative furniture, rugs and prints for this fabulous look.  These prints would actually be easy to make yourself with inexpensive frames. Keep your colors stark and simple (white or cream paired with brown or black) with a splash of greenery in the corner for a clean, modern, hip space.  Don’t worry about finding these exact pieces – just use them for inspiration and look for something similar so that the overall “feel” is the same.  Notice the lack of clutter here.  Clean, sleek, simple. 


Like the look of a zebra rug?  Check Rugs USA or Fur Rugs for a less expensive alternative.   Use a little creativity and labor to recreate this piece over the fireplace.  Wood from your local hardware store and a mitre saw should do the trick.  No really, I’m not kidding!  Look for the table and small chair at garage or estate sales or maybe Craig’s list.  Paint them black for fluidity and recover the chair seat.  Notice the gold edge on the coffee table?  Get some gold leaf paint (it comes in a tube at craft stores) and rub it onto the edge of the table with your finger.  Pier 1 actually has some similar table styles, too. If you have a sofa and a couple of chairs purchase slipcovers in complimentary colors to coordinate the space.  Or check West Elm for similar styles.


Inexpensive vases, candlesticks and floral stems from a local craft store like Hobby Lobby, would duplicate this table arrangement.  Check Restoration Hardware for a similar dining table and chairs or simply slipcover your own current chairs to dress them up.


Again, check Pier 1, Ikea or World Market to create a “knock off” look for this rustic, cozy patio.  Rustic wood paired with rattan creates a wonderful, textured look.


Good old flea markets, Craig’s list or estate sales provide nice selections for distressed pieces like this.  Buy an old door and add a shelf with legs to give you a similar, more affordable piece.  Recover and distress an inexpensive chair to match.


A little harder to go “cheap chic” with these cool chairs, but Pier 1 has something similar in style for around $200.00.  Hemispheres has some similar styles on sale periodically, too.  You can get an inexpensive table at a second hand store, re-sale shop or garage sale (since you don’t see it) and put your money in the fabric tablecloth for this stunning look.  If you are crafty or handy you could even make it with plywood.  For a rectangular tabletop I had Home Depot cut two pieces of wood for me that we hinged in the middle.  When I need to expand my dining room table I place it on top of my marble table top and cover it with a table cloth.  An alternative for an affordable dressy looking table cloth is to buy ready made drapery panels and drape them over your table.  Sometimes you need to use more than one panel to create the length if you want it to drape to the floor.  Just turn them and overlap them side by side so that they drop to the floor instead of using one lengthwise as a topper.  Add a topper (which can be another tablecloth) to hide the overlapping edge.  Much cheaper than a custom made tablecloth and works like a charm.


Okay, well, sorry I don’t have a cheaper alternative for a gorgeous staircase like this, but it was so pretty I just thought I’d add it!

So there you go……savvy solutions for a high end look – without breaking the bank!  Cheap chic!!

Happy Decorating!!!!

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