Creating The Ultimate Curb Appeal


We’ve all heard it before… vastly important curb appeal is.  It is after all the very first thing people see when they pull up to our home.  So why do so many people neglect so many important details?  I’m always astonished that people invest so much money in a home, whether it’s just $100,000.00 or much, much more, and then just let it go, taking no pride in the exterior appeal.  It’s an investment for all of us, the largest one most of us will ever make – why wouldn’t everyone want it to look it’s very finest when people come visit or just drive by?  Yes, it requires some time, effort and money, but it’s well worth it when you create a warm, welcoming entrance for family and friends.


Tip number one is just to keep it clean!  Sweep off dirt, pick up newspapers and flyers.  Don’t make people cringe when they walk onto the porch.  It will lead them to fear they are entering into a "pig-sty” based on what they seen on the exterior!


A fresh coat of paint, a front door that is clean, painted or stained and in good general shape speaks volumes.  If the front door is scuffed up and chipping, and the house paint is peeling away it sets a bad tone.


Keep your lawn groomed and shrubs trimmed.  A little effort goes a long way.  Guests will notice and appreciate your efforts.





Colorful flowers always create a pleasant, inviting atmosphere and welcome guests.




If you’re lucky enough to have a large porch add some charming furniture and hanging baskets.  But, keep them well watered, pruned and fresh looking!




Adding interest to the walkway with different types of stone, patterned concrete, etc, always adds charm and interest.





Dressing up the risers on your steps gives the entrance personality, too.

If you want curb appeal remember some basic steps:

1) Clean , sweep, de-clutter your porch and sidewalk

2) Add fresh house paint

3) Make sure your have a clean, freshly painted or stained front door

4)  Update lighting and hardware

5) Mow and manicure the lawn

6) Keep trees and shrubs trimmed

7)  Add fresh flowers when season allows

8) Consider stone or patterned concrete for your walkway

9) Dress up a large front p0rch with attractive furniture such as wicker and nicely kempt hanging baskets

10) Consider enhancing your steps and risers with brick, stone or tile


Primarily, just keeping it clean and groomed will speak volumes!  The rest of the upkeep can be done periodically when time and finances allow, but must be done in order to keep your home fresh and updated.  Remember this is probably the largest investment you have right now.  Make the best of it and take pride in your home no matter how small or large!  Remember the tiniest of homes in the most basic of neighborhoods can stand out like a jewel when it’s well taken care of.  And, the largest of homes can kill the neighborhood and frustrate neighbors when it’s ill-kempt and an eye sore.  Do your part to create your own ultimate curb appeal!

Happy Decorating!



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