It’s All About Color!


In these difficult economic times, natural disasters and overall world distress it’s time to bring in some joy and happiness wherever we can find it.  One of the ways we can bring it to our homes is through color, color and more color.  Think outside the box and bring a smile to your décor.


If you’re not brave enough to go for the gusto in larger pieces.  Play up color through accessories like these pillows.


Or dress up a guest room with fun bedding like this.





If you are really brave and love color what about brightening up your sofa or side chairs?




You could always snazz up the space with a fantastic rug like this!


Or dress up an existing dresser by adding colorful painted flowers.


Don’t live in a bland, boring box!!!  Fill your home with color and bring a smile to your surroundings!

Happy Decorating!!!!

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