Hats Off To Mothers: Easter Seals Benefit Luncheon (And Decorating Tips, Too!)


It seems wherever I go I’m inspired by the colors or design or decorating scheme around me.  And there’s no better place to look and be inspired than a beautifully designed hotel.  Like the Hotel Paloma in Dallas, Texas.  I was recently invited there in honor of my friend, Judy, and seven other women who were honorees at the Easter Seals “Hats Off To Mothers” Benefit Luncheon.  A huge honor for these dedicated, busy, working moms and a testament to what they contribute to their families, their jobs, and the community.


Although, happy to be there to support my sweet friend I, of course, couldn’t help but notice the modern décor in the lobby on the way in and out!  Check out this space above.  Love the contemporary lines and soft, muted tones in this space.  Clean, uncluttered, classic contemporary.  For you modern lovers out there this let this serve as inspiration for you to study and copy for your homes!  


Notice the clean simple lines, the“no frills” art, and the interesting mix of color.


And, how cool is this fireplace surround?  Wouldn’t that be fun to duplicate in your own space?  Check out the simple accessories on the mantel.


Another sitting area – same style of art , but different colors.  Going contemporary allows you to mix all sorts of fun color.  Just about anything goes.


Here, another neutral palette.  Great lines….clean, uncluttered style.  


And, I like how they did this floral arrangement in the corner.   Three tall vases in the back, three shorter vases in the front and two smaller vases in front of those.  Simple greenery, yellow flowers and branches.  Very nice!  Why not duplicate this in your home, too!

But, onto the real reason for the event:


I was there for Judy, after all!…..Not for decorating ideas! 


(But, I did take note of this lovely table spread they had, too!)

And, since it was “Hats Off To Mother’s” there were hats everywhere.


This is Judy with her three gorgeous children.  Some of you may recognize Judy and her daughter.  Judy was once a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and is now the choreographer.  Her daughter is currently a cheerleader and both can be seen on the cable show “The Making Of A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader”.


She’s come a long way from cheerleader – to mom of a cheerleader – to an Easter Seals honoree.  Here she is with friends.


Her proud sister, Jan, above with Kelly and her proud (and adorable) parents, Hal and Juanita, below.




Hats were everywhere….


They were worn by the young…..


and they were worn by the old.


But, you’ll notice not by me!  Judy failed to mention the “hat thing” to me until the day before the event.  Thanks, Judy!  So I didn’t have time to get one to go with my outfit.  But, Kelly (shown here contriving a makeshift hat with her napkin!) didn’t wear one either so I had some company. 


Hat or no hat, it was a beautiful, meaningful event and we were all proud of our little Judykins!


Judy, her sister Jan, her mother Juanita and myself:  All three my good friends for almost – dare I say it – forty years! 


Judy and her proud family.  With her brothers on stage to support her Cassie – representing all three kids – gave a beautiful speech honoring her beautiful mother.  Good job, Cassie!

It was a lovely event, great food, wonderful cause and a good excuse to spend time with old friends again.   And, to top it off – I walked away with design tips for my blog.  A very productive luncheon, I’d say!

Hats Off To All You Moms Out There!  And, of course…..

Happy Decorating!

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