Going Gray: Distinguished and Grand!


We’ve taken a look at black walls, we’ve taken a look at navy walls and today we are going to take a look at just how beautiful gray walls can be.  Many people think of dreary-town when they think gray, but it actually has quite the opposite affect on a space when done correctly and paired with classic pieces.  It has a certain serene, classic essence about it that you might not expect.  And just like a fine gentleman….going gray can give your space a very distinguished, polished air and appearance!


Take this gray space for example.  Isn’t this wall covering fabulous?  And, paired with this sleek, classic, contemporary sofa it has both a serene vibe and a classy air and flair!


The gray walls with this crisp white is tailored, clean and cozy.


Looks great with cream and black.


Stately and elegant.


This soft gray is subtle and relaxing and sets the tone for this elegant dining room.


Very unexpected to use gray in this cozy little “sunroom” type of space, but it works.  An interesting, soft back drop for the yellow and teal.  Notice they carried it right up on the ceiling.


Light taupe and cream with the gray – very soothing and warm.


Works well in a contemporary space……





A transitional space….


And in traditional settings.


So if you are looking for a new color for your space and would like a “distinguished”, warm, serene, soothing vibe – consider defining your look by going gray! 

Happy Decorating!

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