Spanish Villa’s: Rich Interiors, Dramatic Exteriors


There is something alluring about a Spanish Villa.  They have an air of mystique, a certain interesting quality to them – unique to that particular style.  They can conjure up images of Spain, Mexico, Tuscany, a California Winery… many places.  And, they bring with them an element of charm….a distinct “resort-like” quality.


Aren’t these “villa’s” so full of charm and personality?


Doesn’t this feel more like a resort than a home?  Would you love to walk out onto this balcony for a cup of coffee in the morning?


Or hit this pool in the afternoon with a pina colada?

Great interior design in a Spanish Villa is no less magnificent.

living room

Notice the rich colors used in the decorating here…..the use of wood and texture.


Meticulous details everywhere.  Check out the floor, the ceiling, the drapes at the doorways, the dining chairs, etc….  Just breathtaking.


Here’s a bathroom at the Spanish Villa’s at Caesars Palace.  Check out the rich wood paneling and that amazing floor.


Again, rich wood; attention to detail everywhere.  (If I had a bedroom like this I see no reason to ever leave…..ever!)


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – good design is in the details… the floor, the ceiling, the lighting……above and below.


If a Spanish Villa is what you dream of then bring these interior details to your own home!  Just because you don’t live at Caesars Palace doesn’t mean you can’t duplicate the look by bringing these details to your own space.

Dare to dream big! Dare to recreate this look in your own home.  It can be done on a grand scale in a huge house or on a grand scale in a tiny, cozy cottageIt can be done!  Be resourceful, be creative.  Or, if it’s in your budget hire a professional in your area to do it for you!

Happy Decorating!

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