Going Green: A Fun Color Splash!


Before going “green” was cool and meant eco friendly, environmentally correct spaces….it was simply a color choice.  And, that’s what this post is about today:  The color green.   There is much fun to be had with the color green – whether it be a simple, subtle green or a bright, bold, crazy green – your decorating can have tons of charm, the “wow” factor and it can awe your guests.


It takes a certain person with a certain style and a certain amount of boldness to have a place like this space above, but if you’re so inclined, look at how much fun you can have!  How’s this for a “happy place”?


This dreamy media lounge with the green and mirrors and all the cool textures has a sexy vibe to it.  The green gives it punch and makes it fun.


This space has a subtle, soothing vibe to it with these pale green walls and the cottage style furnishings. Very cozy.


The flip side is this modern space:  These green walls – also a soothing back drop -  offer personality and interest, a nice compliment to the modern furnishings.


This serene green works well in this traditional setting above…..


…just as this shade of green works well in this traditional space.


It works beautifully in this child’s room….


….this modern space….


….and even this rather bohemian space.

Whether your style is traditional, modern, bohemian, etc, it might just be the color splash your space needs!  So make a statement if you dare – and consider “going green”. 

Happy Decorating!!!!

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