Bring A Little Sunshine To Your Home: Decorate With Yellow!

(So sorry for the long delay in my blog post….I’ve been sick all week and it’s been hard to keep my head above water and out of the fog I’ve been in, but I’m getting better – thank goodness!)

There’s not a brighter, happier color than the color yellow and when you bring it into your decorating that’s just what you get….a bright and happy space!


Most of this post is about using paint to enhance your space, but take a look at the room above.  Even with all white walls bringing in yellow through the drapes and upholstery gives the space the same bolster of fun.


There’s a certain amount of energy that yellow brings to a space.  Can you feel it with the rooms above and below?




It can be rather regal and stately……



It can be modern and edgy……


Country casual,,,,,,


Or even eclectic and unusual.  Look at this fun combination of colors above.


If you like “light and bright”, yellow is definitely a color for you to consider.   Yellow goes with any style décor so whatever your style might be it just may be the color for you. 

So think about bringing a little “happy” to your space…..with the color yellow!

Happy Decorating!

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