All White Can Be Just Right: Crisp & Clean


More often than not designers tend to do their best to steer people away from white and more towards color.  Generally people can be fearful of color – especially mixing and matching colors – and they love to fall back on white for various means of decorating.  Whether it be walls, tile floors, etc.  clients can feel much “safer” with white or at least some form of off-white.  Which can lead to a boring, stifling space!  But there are always exceptions to every rule and below you’ll see some fabulous exceptions.  Check out these all white rooms and take note of the details that make them so fabulous.


With the tan walls and flooring to offset the color this all white dining room just “works”.  One reason for this is all the wonderful textures they’ve incorporated into the space.  When repeating the same color its always wise to incorporate different textures to keep the space interesting.


Again, lots of texture to play off of and keep the eye interested:  White on white against white walls.  The splash of greenery adds a pleasant dose of warmth.


Love the look of slip covered upholstery combined with rustic furniture and a hardwood floors.  Doesn’t it look inviting and “comfortable”?


These black accents add a pop of fun in an otherwise all white outdoor living space.


Too much for some, perfect for others……very modern and sleek.  And clean!



Again, the black accents add a fun contrast to the stark white in this modern space.

So….…if it’s done correctly……if it serves a purpose….then white is more than alright.  It’s spectacular!

Happy Decorating!!!!

1 comment for “All White Can Be Just Right: Crisp & Clean

  1. October 31, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    The white upholstery looks great against the hardwood floor finish. I also love the finish on the chest of draws in the background, how did you achieve that?

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