Angelfire, New Mexico: A Little Slice Of Heaven (And Rustic Decorating Ideas For That Mountain Cabin Look!)


Recently I had the distinct pleasure of heading to one of the most understated, probably under-appreciated, and yet, most amazingly, beautiful places in the country: Angelfire, New Mexico.   The first part of the trip was a girls trip — woo-hoo! – gotta love that; the second part of the trip was with hubbies.  (And, that was fun, too!)


It’s unbelievably gorgeous with the mountains, the trees, the lakes, the mountain homes nestled in the trees….


This was our view from the front porch.  Breathtaking!


The weather was amazing – 70’s during the day, 40’s and 50’s at night so we were actually able to do fun things outside! I mean, who knew places like that still existed this crazy, hot summer!  A far cry from the 109 degree temps we were struggling through in Texas.  We actually found ourselves with tons of energy!  I mean……who knew!


The flowers there were actually still perky and pretty!





The weather made us feel as perky as the flowers looked.  Even when it started drizzling!  It’s been so long since we’ve seen a raindrop it didn’t deter us at all.


Didn’t expect a traffic jam on a hiking trail, but we came across this cute little family having tons of fun. 


Becky and Barbie decided to pretend they were “children of the corn”!  (Those of you older readers will understand.  You younger folks just need to Google it.) I told you we had boundless energy!


After a long morning hike it was time for some “R & R”.  These sunset margaritas are the best margaritas I’ve ever had. 


Oh, but the day was young.


We were able to get some shopping in at this wonderful store.


Filled with this cool Adirondack furniture.



And just inside are these cool stairs.  Love the slate risers and the cut log walls.  So “mountain-esque”.


More great furniture.


Fabulous headboards!


Cool, rustic frames….


And, look at all this fun artwork….








Isn’t it all so fabulous?  I need a mountain cabin to decorate!!!  (Barbie and I are actually scheming to remodel her home……just gotta convince her hubby it’s the thing to do!)

I’ve got more great decorating finds to come – Santa Fe styles and more – all found in and around Angelfire.  New Mexico is full of design jewels!  I’ll be sharing some more with you in future blogs so come on back.

Stay Cool & Happy Decorating!

2 comments for “Angelfire, New Mexico: A Little Slice Of Heaven (And Rustic Decorating Ideas For That Mountain Cabin Look!)

  1. August 15, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    Angel FIre IS a great place that more people need to know about! It’s good to see someone writing a great review of the area. Being from Texas as well but having a house there, I need to get our there more often than I do and I certainly look forward to an escape from the heat. I am dying to try one of those margaritas now. 😉

    • August 15, 2011 at 10:46 pm

      I know….I’m already looking forward to next summer! 40 degrees the morning we left there and 108 degrees by the time we got here. Ugh! I’ve been having withdrawals ever since we left. If you get out there soon, get the recipe for the Sunset Margaritas and send it to me!!!

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