The New Living Room: Livable, Lovely, Relaxing


Living rooms just “ain’t what they used to be”.  No longer are people looking for that perfectly decorated, always clean and crisp, more formal than not, seldom used space in the house that sits there like a space right out of a museum.   No thank you.  People today want warm, friendly, inviting spaces that say “Come in, sit down, get comfortable”.


A popular choice for many designers, and people in general, is going with neutral pieces for the seating and bringing in the color in all the accessories.


A wise choice financially and for ease in switching out your color palette.


Notice the personality changes in these spaces – all using neutral cream colored seating – and just different color and style accessories.


A relaxing, comfortable atmosphere is what people enjoy today.


Lots of interest and charm can be added with rugs, pillows, accessories, etc.


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Some prefer more color, but the overall vibe is still comfort, comfort, comfort.


Gone are the days of the prissy, unused, unfriendly room – and in are the days of the warm, comfortable, people-friendly space.


With the rough and tumble – and unfortunately  “unfriendly” – world we live in these days I think a cozy, friendly environment is essential for our sanity and survival.

So take some time to tweak your space with some warm and cozy charm.  Add slipcovers, bring in some fun, new color, switch out your prissy, stand-offish décor with some warm, people friendly pieces. 

If you can’t change the world, and make it a friendlier environment – at least you can change your environment and make it a friendlier place!

Happy Decorating!!!

2 comments for “The New Living Room: Livable, Lovely, Relaxing

  1. September 14, 2011 at 12:39 pm

    Love the Heather Chadduck room with the large shelves…just beautiful.

  2. September 17, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    Thank you! And, I agree!

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