If Life Hands You Lemons – Decorate!


If you want to add some fun and a little smile to your décor consider decorating with lemons.  Lemons are a great way to add that little pop of color and a little zest to your space.


They make great arrangements of various kinds that add a refreshing touch to your home.



Mix with limes for another fun twist of color.


Just adding the color “lemon yellow” adds a bit of sunshine to your space.  These yellow flowers paired with the branches and birdcages would look great in a sunroom or enclosed patio.


Aren’t they cheerful and fun?


You can simply fill a large clear vase for an interesting, fun look.  Pair a vase of lemons with a vase of limes – just vary the sizes of the vases.  Great way to fill a space and add color.


Add them to a topiary….


Throw them in assorted textured containers and place inside a lemon wreath.


Or just hang on the wreath on the door.


Accessorize in complimentary colors like these fun blocks and containers to play up the “happy vibe” of the lemons and limes.


Add some more fun details like these sweet towels.

So there you go…..if life hands you lemons….just have fun with them and decorate!

Happy Decorating!

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