The Cozy Colors Of Fall: Fun Holiday Decor


One of my favorite times of the year is the fall.  I love the coziness of crisp weather (well, actually we’ve yet to see it here in Texas this year – but, I’m sure it’s coming our way at some point!) and the fun fall colors and fall décor that come along with it.


  It may be awhile before we see fall colors and the changes of the leaves outside here in Texas – unlike some other parts of the country – but we can certainly bring it inside with some fun fall décor.


Aside from the colors themselves one thing that makes it fun is that it’s really sort of the longest stretch of holiday decorating we get to do.  Unless you’re the type that decorates for Christmas at the beginning of November – which many people do these days I suppose.  Several of my clients are early birds when it comes to Christmas decorating.   Myself,  I tend to be more “old school” where that’s concerned and can’t really bring myself to do up the Christmas décor at my own home until after Thanksgiving is behind me. 


But, since the colors and much of the décor for Halloween and Thanksgiving  go hand in hand it’s easy to bring in the pumpkins, haystacks, fall flowers, etc. at the beginning of the season and just keep them though Thanksgiving.




Just add some Halloween touches like this ribbon with the basic fall decorating scheme and switch them out after Halloween is over.


There’s so many fun decorations out there.


Like these pillows.  How easy to add them for a Halloween touch with all the fall flowers, pumpkins, etc. and then tuck them away for the month of November when Halloween has come and gone.



Aren’t these fun?






Some people are decorating with these black “Christmas” trees (for lack of a better word – holiday trees I guess is more appropriate in this case).  Very fun, but I haven’t quite gotten there yet.  I’m running out of storage for all my stuff as it is….


But, they really are kind of fun.





Love these.


I like the idea of adding the cream and black for Halloween with the traditional fall colors.


The fall allows you two to two and a half months of fall decoratinga great way to cozy up the house in preparation for the winter and the Christmas season

Happy Decorating!

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