Give Your Ceiling Some Snazz!


Gone are the days of boring white or ivory ceilings that disappear and contribute nothing to the space.  And, gone are the days of popcorn ceilings.  Yea!!!!  Many of my clients are stumped when it comes to painting their ceilings and I assume many of you are, too.  So I wanted to give you an idea of what they can look like and show you some fun ideas to consider for your own home.


Adding color to your ceiling is “the thing to do” now and you can see from these pictures what an impact it has on the space.  Painted ceilings add warmth, personality and interest.


It helps contribute to the overall look of the room rather than just disappearing.  You can keep it simple like the soft blue in the picture above…..


You can give it drama like this warm red….


Or a different kind of drama with this cool green.


You can add funk like this black ceiling in a hot pink room….


Really rev it up a notch with a full scale mural…..



Or soften it up with a simple cloudy sky.


Be as creative and artistic as you want to.


What an impact these ceilings have on the space!  Breathtaking!


So if you are thinking about snazzing things up a bit and doing some painting in your space…..don’t  forget  about  the  ceiling! 

Be creative, be fun, be unique!

Happy Decorating!

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