The Checkerboard Floor: Classic, Fun, Charming

There’s something classic and charming about a checkerboard floor.  Not everyone can bring themselves to do it, but take a look at the fun space you could have if you did.


Don’t you think this floor brings in an element of charm?


Whether squared off…..

checkerboard floor

or on a diagonal….


In an entry….


Or cozy kitchen…..


Checkerboard floors bring in sooooooo much fun and personality.




Apply the technique to old wood floors for a fresh change.


Give your office or work space charm, whimsy and fun.


If doing the floor is a bit scary for you try a rug like this to bring in a similar vibe.


For the manly man – how’s this for a garage?  I did this in a client’s garage a few years ago and it looked fabulous.  Fun, but macho!


checkerboard outdoor

And, if you’re so inclined and motivated enough to do it – bring it to your yard.  How cozy and charming is this?!!?  I love this look!

Happy Decorating!


1 comment for “The Checkerboard Floor: Classic, Fun, Charming

  1. September 30, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    Love, love, love checkerboard floors! Great way to add personality to a space.
    Thanks for sharing.

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