The Front Door: What’s The Best Color For Your Home?


It’s not unusual for me to get calls to help someone select exterior paint colors and one thing that stumps a lot of clients in addition to trim is what color to paint the front door.  Most want to do something to give a little “punch”, but are a little gun shy about selecting a bold color.  And, certainly, certain bold colors for particular neighborhoods just don’t work so you have to take that into consideration.


One color that is almost always a safe bet, but definitely adds some punch is a red door.  Kind of like “lipstick” on your house – it just adds a little oomph and finishes off the front with a bit of class.


And, of course, the other no fail classic is a black front door.  Understated, but very nice.


But, if you wanted……if your neighborhood warranted such a thing…..what if you went all out with color like this door above?  Very cool.


Or what about a hot pink door?  Too much for your neighborhood? Or, maybe just the right touch?


Ochre yellow could be a nice choice….

yellow front door

Or maybe even this bright yellow.

green door

Soft teal has a soothing, welcoming vibe….

green door2

Grassy green has a catchy look…

green front door 2

Or even lime green ????


And, again…..if your neighborhood warrants such a color….how ‘bout this purplish pink?  Doesn’t it look cool in this charming, bohemian-esque neighborhood?


If not……you can always go back to another classic like this navy blue.

Lots of fun colors to choose from so don’t by shy.  Be reasonable, though, and don’t tick of your neighbors with something too outlandish.  Think curb appeal…..think about greeting your guests with a smile.  Your front door is the smile to your home if you will.  So give it some thought and give it some color!

Happy Decorating!

2 comments for “The Front Door: What’s The Best Color For Your Home?

  1. Darlene Davis
    February 21, 2014 at 6:38 pm

    I love the color of this red door in the green home with looks live ivory trim around the door…the red looks a deep, rich red…can you tell me the brand and color of the paint?

    Thank you

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