Western Chic: Oh So Savvy!


If you’re a “little bit western”, but a “whole lot of chic” why not incorporate the two together in your design scheme?  I mean…..talk about a chic, hip look to your home…..Take a look at these pictures below.


How about this cool cow hide chair?  A little bit western…..a whole lot of chic!


Love this rustic hutch.


Great antler chandelier.


Wouldn’t it be fun to have a cow hide throw draped across your table?


Or dive into this bed full of this awesome western (but chic) bedding?


Or just bring a little touch in like this cool bench.


You can carry your western chic look into the little details like this light switch plate, too.  It makes it fun!


Give your office chair that western chic flair, too.  Isn’t this one great?


Love this overly distressed cabinet.  Too cool.


And take it a step further and bring the look into your everyday dishware.  Aren’t these fun?


So if you are a tad western and a tad chic…..or a whole lot of western and a whole lot of chic…..bring that to your home and have fun with it!  Make your home reflect your personality. 

Be chic, be unique, be you!

Happy Decorating!

1 comment for “Western Chic: Oh So Savvy!

  1. La Francis Hinton
    October 8, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    Everything is gorgeous…I am a Texan and proud of it.

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