Oh, Wow!! I Love Horchow!!


If you want to get some great ideas for reupholstering your furniture for that high end look take a stroll through the Horchow outlet if you have one near you.  We have one here locally that’s always filled with fabulous furniture.  It’s still very, very high end even at their discount prices, but for the right buyer the prices are great.  For others on a lesser budget (yes, like me), it’s just a fun place to peruse to get the latest and greatest in design ideas to duplicate.


Like this fun fabric and fresh new look on this Old World style chair……


Or this multi-leather sofa with the furry pillows.


Isn’t this great detail?  If you can’t afford a high end sofa like this – duplicate the look with faux leather!  They have some great looking options now that look just like the real thing.


This sleek look in the monochromatic color scheme is a great look, too.  Paired with this leather ottoman it creates a very chic, interesting look.


And, here’s a fun fabric combination for a hip look.


Fun fabric takes a “serious” style chair in a whole different direction.


And this is a great look with the cheetah fabric, dark leather and floral pillow.  Wild and fun!



Cowhide and black leather give this traditional chair a new personality.


And leather with plaid……another unique, specific personality and great combo.  This would look great in a den or man-cave.  And again, if you can’t afford the real deal….remember you can simulate the same look on your own sofa with faux leather and an inexpensive plaid.

Lots of fun furniture and fun ideas!  If you are at a place financially where you can invest in these wonderful pieces Horchow is a great place to check out.  If not, like I said, it’s a great place to get ideas to knock off the same look within your own budget!  So go for it!

Happy Decorating!!!

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