The Great Many Colors and Styles Of The Kitchen Island


One of the things I’ve run into over the years for clients is the question of what to do with the kitchen island.  In fact I’m working with a client right now on this very thing – what color to paint her kitchen island.  Now obviously you can always keep the stain the same as the rest of the cabinets.  It’s safe and will always work well in the kitchen.  (Of course, it’s only as beautiful as the stain itself, but generally will will look just fine.)


But, there are a great many other fun things that can be done, too.  A very common color to change it to is black.  And, in this case above – a black distressed island.  In this particular space it matches the bottom cabinets, but notice the upper cabinets are just a regular stain.  This type of island would look great even if all the other cabinets were stained.  It gives the space personality, interest and depth.  A black island would look great with cabinets that are white, biscuit, taupe, dark stain, etc.  It’s a pretty fool proof color to use if you’re interested in doing it in a different color, but want to be on the safe side.



Red is another great alternative.  This one gives this otherwise white kitchen a fun “pop”.  This takes a braver soul, but just look at the results.  Takes a kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary.


In this space the upper cabinets are cream and the lower cabinets are the color of the island. 


Here they matched it to the wall color.


Green is fun, too.  (I especially like the distressed look- no matter what the color.)


See what I mean?



Generally I will pair the island stain color with a dark cabinet or a biscuit color cabinet, but here you see the green island with the red cabinets. Interesting and fun.


Love this dark stain with the glazed light taupe cabinets.


Blue is another really fun option if it works within your color scheme. I especially like this combination of colors – the country blue with this stain. 


Again, here it matches the cabinets, but it would look great and be a fun contrast with cream, white or dark stained cabinets, too. 


If you don’t have a built in island consider buying a free standing one.  They come in a great many colors, styles and sizes like this cream one above or these fun, bright blue or black islands below.  (By the way, notice this island is sitting on a beautiful, decorative rug. Another fun way to bring in personality and color to your kitchen.)


Notice all the different styles here.


Consider your overall color scheme of course and don’t be afraid to pull a fun color from either the fabrics, the rug, the furniture, etc. to make your island stand out and give it personality. 

Happy Decorating!

2 comments for “The Great Many Colors and Styles Of The Kitchen Island

  1. Tricia
    January 3, 2012 at 4:13 am

    Regarding the cream free-standing island, with carpet under – who is the maker? I like that one, and would like further information such as depth/width, and purchase info. Thank you.

  2. January 3, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    Hi, Tricia,

    Here’s the website for the island you are interested in: Hope that helps. And, here’s another cream island on amazon that’s nice, too: ( A lot of your local furniture stores carry this sort of thing now, too.) Good luck!

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