Rustic Chic: Cool, Classic and Full of Character


What is it about ratty-tatty furniture that just flat out looks so cool?!  Of course I don’t mean ratty-tatty in the sense that it’s literally falling apart.  Just in the sense it sort of, well, looks like it’s about to fall apart.  There’s something appealing about chipped, peeling wood and aged paint color.


I prefer to call it rustic chic……


You know the look….like it’s been dragged out of an English castle or something.


Maybe because that weathered, distressed look gives us the feel that there’s an interesting story behind it.


Whether it’s brand new and distressed to look old…..


Or whether it actually really is old…..the character it exudes is unmatched.


It gives us a sense of old and yet a purpose in the present and in what’s to come……..kind of the fabric of our lives I guess you could say.  As years go by and we live and adjust and then re-adjust to what life throws us along the way – we age, we weather we “distress”.  And, yet it builds our character and we forge ahead.


And, in the end we’re all still beautiful in our own unique way.


Yep, maybe that’s it…..ya know?


Life can be rustic chic for most of us which may explain why so many of us love the look of it in furniture. Like people it gets old, worn, survives the challenges around them, yet is still full of character……and beautiful.

Happy Decorating!

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