Add A Little Touch Of Whimsy To Your Home!


For those of you who like to live a little outside the box you might consider bringing a “touch of whimsy” to your space. You can make a huge whimsical statement or you can be very subtle and bring in just a touch. Either way it creates fun and interest in a space, and usually makes for a great conversation starter.


What exactly is whimsy you might ask? And, quite simply put, it’s just  incorporating a decorative touch that’s unpredictable, playful and unexpected.


Like doing a dining room with all these unexpected, fun, colorful chairs. It has a magical, childlike quality to it and yet remains sophisticated and grown up, too.


It can border on the bohemian….


Or bring color and unexpected fun to an otherwise traditional table.


Little touches –


Simple touches….can go a long way.


Like these fun dog beds.


And this unexpected yellow sofa.


An unexpected coffee table, gold piano and recovered antiques create a lighthearted, chic, whimsical feel to a serious space.


Just adding a fun, colorful rug can bring whimsy.


Or, going all out with it like this fun, interesting green and white dining room can create a magical, whimsical air. I mean, how fun!

So let your personality shine in your décor. Bring some whimsy to your space and a magical experience for your houseguests!!

Happy Decorating!

1 comment for “Add A Little Touch Of Whimsy To Your Home!

  1. Linda
    April 10, 2012 at 6:23 pm

    wow honestly each of the above photos are awesome! I really love these designs. Although I like white furniture items, I am forced to like these by myself, lol. The above dining room with some fun colorful chairs is looking beautiful. Thanks for sharing your amazing design idea with some unexpected colors which I did not see anywhere before. I will surely try to decorate my lounge room with some unexpected colors like black, white and yellow or black, blue and red !

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