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Recently I was asked to write an article on interior design for a wonderful local magazine called “Our Community”.  In addition to the printed magazine they publish they also have a wonderful online site where you can peruse their latest editions.  (Click for more information. )

After giving the subject matter some thought I chose to write about some simple principles for fool proof accessorizing.

2012 Winter Issue Pg 1 (2)

Our Community Magazine Cover

Accessorizing can be quite intimidating for some people and try as they might they can never seem to get the look they were hoping for.

2012 Winter Issue Pg 15 (2)

My Article For “Our Community”

Since the article has been published and I was granted permission from the publisher I thought it would make a great topic for my blog, too.  Of course, you are more than welcome to read the magazine article, but I’m going to highlight the key points below, as well.

7-Different Shapes and Heights

First rule of thumb to keep accessorizing simple is to think in terms of three.  Three different pieces grouped together.   They can be similar items from the same series like these vases….

1-Vary Heights and Textures

Or they can be different items like these candlesticks with this floral.  Still the same principle – three pieces clustered together.  As seen in this picture and the picture with the vases, the second rule of thumb would be to vary the heights so that there are three different heights.

6-Different Shapes and Textures

And, third, think of three different shapes and/or textures – still applying the same principle of groups of three.  Of course, all of these rules can be tweaked or broken once you get the basic look down.  But, following these simple steps will just make it easier for you to get started.

2-Gouring Accessories In A Tray

Then you can create another look simply by placing the accessories in a decorative tray if you’d like.  Here you see the three pieces (four if you count the book the elephant is sitting on – a little tweak to the rule of three!), three different heights, three different shapes and three different textures.  So, the fourth step is optional – arranging the grouping on a decorative tray or cloth.

4-Using Two Groups Of Three

Here you see the same principle of three, but two groupings placed together.  On one side is the platter, the greenery and the floral arrangement and right next to it you see the two candlesticks and the vase.  

3-Using The Rules and Breaking The Rules

It’s a little hard to tell from this picture, but here you see three candlesticks, different heights, grouped in front of another group of three containers placed on a tray.  Underneath is a table throw (step four – using a table throw instead of a tray), which is another great way to define your accessories and give them purpose.  Just for that added touch I’ve tucked a couple of tassels in the mix. (Again – tweaking the rules a bit!)

5-Using A Tray To Cluster

And, here the same principles apply:  A bowl of balls, a cross, and a candle surrounded by a feather boa (three accessories) – all placed on a tray, and then again placed on a table throw.  So here I’ve doubled up on step 4.

So there you have it.  A simple fool proof way to accessorize.  And, like I said, once you get the hang of it you can tweak the rules –  a little or a lot depending on what the best fit is.  But, at least you now have a format to follow to get you started so time to get busy accessorizing.  Have fun with it!

And, don’t forget to check out “Our Community” magazine here!

Happy Decorating!!!!

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